February 13, 2023

Introductory Meetings: Artist Anda Lāce visits the Antūži Elementary School

On February 9 the first school visit took place as part of the project Artist is Present – Contemporary Art Residencies in Schools. In the framework of the project, different artists will visit six Latvian schools to introduce young people to their profession and offer them to do some creative expression themselves; this will take place in a series of a total of ten visits from February to May. The artist Anda Lāce visited the Antūži Elementary School, located in Jēkabpils and catered to children with learning disabilities. The first half of the day passed in meetings with teaching staff and getting acquainted with the learning process and everyday life at the school, while the second was allotted to meetings and activities with the students. The first workshop consisted of chatting and activities that allowed the artist, the teacher and the students to get to know one another. The children could learn more about what the artist does in her everyday life, such as what a performance means, as well as have a go at a musical instrument Anda had brought along. Discussions about the interests of every student were accompanied by making self-portraits out of paper. The next meeting in Antūži is slated for early March.