March 17, 2023

Artist Anda Lāce’s Second Visit to the Antūži Primary School

For the second meeting with the students at Antūži, the artist Anda Lāce had tasked them to consider what sort of artists the students would like to become. The students had, on their own initiative, prepared stories accompanied by individual performances and works to display. The students’ interest became the starting point for a more extensive discussion on the different interdisciplinary areas that artists can represent as well as for sharing their own thoughts on what art is. The discussion was followed by an assignment in which the students had to place chairs across the room so as to create a setting for an improvized play. Sticky notes were attached across the hall, with the students filling them with ideas about the things it’s worth to make art about. The chairs in the room were complemented with drawings and other accessories that the students had made. Following the workshop, other students from the school were invited to look at the exhibition. The next meeting at Antūži Primary School is scheduled for March 23.